We believe people deserve better. That across the world, viewers are hungry for stories that transport and inspire them. That’s why we have created new contenders in markets around the world and back the bold visions of creators and colleagues in places we think can make a difference. For some 30 years, as a founding and supportive shareholder in Sky, the UK has been chief among them.

On this journey we have discovered stories that make people laugh, and make them cry; move their spirit and bring them together; inspire hope, fuel their dreams, feed their curiosity, expand their world and their aspirations. Beyond great storytelling, our audiences are also looking for brands they can trust from companies they can believe in. This requires us to be principled, transparent, respectful and fair. We are deeply committed to conducting our business with integrity.  

And that’s why we continue to push forward, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that puts our customers at the center of everything we do to expand access to media, provide choice and pioneer innovative ways to connect with our audiences around the world.

As a global media company, we are committed to unlocking the potential of the audiences we serve by focusing on creativity & the arts, sports & well-being, and knowledge & exploration, as well as through a commitment to diversity and sustainable business practice.

Creating an enduring business requires looking beyond profit to consider the impacts we have in the world around us. We believe our long-term health as a business relies on our positive social impact on the communities we serve. Our aspiration is to make the world a better place by unlocking the powerful potential that lies within each of us. To do so, we partner with leading change-makers to provide opportunities where none existed, amplify courageous voices that reshape how we see the world, and develop content that expands our horizons and inspires transformation.